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Psychotherapy and Clinical Sexology

serving LGBTQI folks and cis women and girls.

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Finding a good fit is so important when choosing a therapist. The relationship is critical. I can not be the right therapist for everyone.  In finding the right fit, I recommend scheduling consults with a few therapists to help determine who you might be most suited to work with.  If we are a good fit, I will be happy to help you in your healing journey.  If I am not, I will gladly provide a few names of therapists who may be a better fit, based on factors including personality, areas of expertise, and modalities used.  Be kind to yourself and find your person!

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About Dr. Marla Cobin:

My passion for helping others started when I was young. With my first psychology class when I was 15, I knew I wanted to be a psychotherapist.  I am a licensed clinical social worker with an MEd and a PhD in Human Sexuality.  My private practice is in Philadelphia, PA, but I am licensed to work with folks residing in both PA and Delaware.  I provide both virtual and in person sessions.   My areas of focus include sexuality and trauma.  I am queer identified and work most with the LGBTQI community and women and adolescent girls.  I consider myself a client centered, relational, and culturally sensitive psychotherapist,.  I take pride in practicing decolonizing and liberation focused therapy.  My doctorate in sexuality gives me the background and ability to specialize in the areas of general sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexual dysfunction. My practice as a trauma therapist and clinical sexologist is psychodynamic, using a combination of EMDR, IFS, Compassionate Inquiry, Solutions Focused coaching, and more.

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*Psychodynamic talk therapy


*IFS informed trauma work

*Prolonged Exposure

*Solutions focused coaching


*Attachment Focused

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Areas of Expertise

* Trauma/ PTSD/ C-PTSD

* Sexuality

* LGBTQI (I am a queer identified therapist)




*Family relationships

*Sexual/romantic relationships

*Kink friendly

*Poly allied


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